Brittney Walsh Memorial Fund

We are here to help local High School Seniors to live their dream by helping them to go to college and better themselves. This is something my daughter did not have a chance to do. We are also here to spread the message to "Do not drink and drive, Brittney would still be alive". To make right choices, to have the future my daughter did not have.


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We give out 5 - $1,000 scholarships each year to local High School Seniors that plan on going to college.  This is in honor of my daughter Brittney Walsh.  On June 24, 2012  two days after Brittney's High School graduation she was killed by a drunk driver.  Her wish was to go to college and start a new chapter in her life.  By giving out these scholarships in Brittney's name Brittney is helping others with her dream, starting in a new chapter in their life.     We also send out a message not to drink and drive.   To make the right choices in life.  

Every year we hold our annual bowling fundraiser. This is what pays for the scholarships that we give out.  This year the fundraiser is October 19.   Our website is           

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