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The journey to mental health is a challenging road for patients and their supporting families alike. Enduring the pain. The struggle to find answers. The weight of this journey should not be endured alone. ​ The CJK Foundation is a not-for-profit organization built to create positive change and hope in the darkest of times through advocating awareness, supporting patients and their families undergoing treatment, and raising funds for research. Like a dragonfly’s flight is light and adaptable, the mission and vision of the Foundation is to alleviate the burden and offer support to those in need. The Foundation was established to carry on the selfless and loving nature of our beloved Connie J. Klanica. Connie taught us all to give selflessly, love unconditionally, and help without question. Her graceful spirit is the guiding light for change by which this Foundation will work to support the journey from awareness to well-being.


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CJK Foundation aims to improve mental health in Connecticut by aiding research, providing educational opportunities, and helping individuals and families who are seeking treatment for a mental health condition. CJKF promotes Reaching In to those we care about to help them in their time of need. We assist with co-pays and treatment costs along with providing scholarships for those going into the behavioral health field at three Connecticut institutions. 

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