Shine Your Light CT

To provide healing experiences through art, yoga, and other forms of expression to those who need us most.


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Shine Your Light CT (SYL) supports and inspires communities to unleash their creativity and build confidence by providing opportunities that promote self-expression. SYL partners with organizations throughout Connecticut in efforts to give individuals a voice through the Arts and movement. We are committed to delivering creative offerings in partnership with nonprofit organizations that cannot afford to fund these activities. Creating and expressing gives people a break from usual thoughts, trains our brains to concentrate on details, and pay more attention to our environment.

Benefits that participants receive through SYL’s programs and services include:

  • Relieves stress
  • Increases empathy and love
  • Enhances problem solving skills
  • Boosts self-esteem and sense of achievement 


SYL conducts a multi-faceted program that provides opportunities for individuals and communities to freely express themselves through a variety of offerings, including:

  • Art experiences in painting, drawing, sculpture, crafting, and other areas.
  • Mindfulness Moments in which SYL assists with helping individuals and communities with meditative experiences.
  • Yoga experiences that encourage individuals to find what feels good within themselves.
  • Creative writing activities for individuals to practice expressing their feelings on paper through words.
  • Family or community engagement activities which encourage individuals to build relationships and do something different with one another.

Please consider making a meaningful contribution to SYL in efforts to assist with making health and wellness opportunities more accessible to your neighbors in need of support. Keep shining! 

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