Generational Wellbeing Inc.

To work with youths and adults to help them become dynamic and healthy future individuals.


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Generational Wellbeing Inc. supports youth and adults by assisting them in becoming better in all aspects of their lives through one-on-one counseling, group conversations, and mentorship. The organization encourages these individuals to explore, celebrate, and build on six tenets which the organization believes contribute to become positive adults:

1) Education - Educational, academic, and athletic programs and mentorship opportunities. The goal of education is to help an individual navigate life and contribute to society once they become older. It is also where a person:
* Develops skills essential to daily living.
* Learns social norms.
* Builds on their judgment and reasoning.
* Apprehends how to discern right from wrong.

2) Mental Health - This is an essential component to healthy adolescent development. GWI assists young males and adults in building positive emotional, social, and communication skills. The idea is to connect them with their inner beings through mindfulness and personal fulfillment. This also includes taking care of yourself and your loved ones by establishing priorities for family, health, and joy.

3) Technology - Effective ways to impact culture, efficiency, and connections. Staying ahead and abreast of what awaits us in the future.

4) Creating Stable Futures - Improving career success and financial stability.

5) Advocacy - The importance of education, togetherness, and building your message. This includes Schedule. Prepare. Develop. Meet. Get Active.

6) Strengthening Leadership - Discovering role models, skills development, continued learning, self-awareness, asking for feedback, expanding their outlook, effectively communicating, cultivating a network, and learning the ability to inspire people to reach their full potential.

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