A Promise To Jordan

The mission of A Promise to Jordan is to raise awareness of substance use disorders, help erase the stigma surrounding them, assist people with accessing quality care, and give hope that recovery is possible.


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A Promise to Jordan works on two fronts. The first is to reach families BEFORE substance abuse starts and educate them on the fact that it CAN happen in their family, that it IS happening in every community in America and that, no matter how insulated they think the are, they are not immune, not untouchable. The second thing we do is try to reach families who are already dealing with a substance use problem and help them to find the resources they need for help and demonstrate that recovery is possible, that they or their loved one CAN recover and lead a happy, successful, meaningful life. 

Join the excitement to help us raise $20,000 to replenish funding for our Sober Living/Transitional Housing Assistance Program. These funds will help provide one month's rent - up to $1,000 - to those in recovery transitioning from treatment to a sober living facility.

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