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Ann's Place provides comfort and support to people living with cancer and to their loved ones. We work with them to create solutions which will strengthen and sustain them through counseling, support groups and wellness programs.


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Although there have been significant medical and pharmacological advances in the treatment of cancer, there remains a deficit in emotional and social services for patients and their families. Hospital-based programs tend to be of finite duration and deal only with specific cancers, focusing on the physical side-effects. For the most part, once a patient has completed treatment, they are left to their own resources to address the psychosocial effects of cancer. Ann’s Place fills this critical need for affordable, comprehensive cancer support services provided under one roof in a local community setting. 

Our goals are to help clients and their loved ones adjust to a cancer diagnosis, deal with issues of uncertainty, find a way to move forward, and learn ways to cope with the stress of living with cancer. Our clinical social workers, facilitators and wellness experts provide individual, family, and couples counseling, support groups and an extensive range of wellness activities and therapies all free of charge. Through this provision of “wrap around” services in a single location, clients are afforded the opportunity to participate in those specific services and activities which meet their unique needs and help mitigate the psychosocial impacts of cancer, regardless of insurance coverage or financial resources.

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