Acts 4 Ministry, Inc.

Acts 4 Ministry (Acts 4) is a non-denominational, tax exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization that supports the needs of families and individuals in financial distress through the collection and distribution of reusable furniture, clothing, and housewares.


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Acts 4 Ministry, Inc. is a charitable organization that assists individuals and families who have suddenly lost their homes to a fire, flood or other unexpected devastation or upsetting life event. These individuals and families are invited to visit Acts 4 Ministry’s 1713 Thomaston Avenue boutique shop to personally select, at no charge, clothing, dishes, glassware, furnishings, and items to meet other basic needs. The organization is dedicated to building relationships with people while providing them with the basics of daily living needs.

Acts 4 Ministry is celebrating twenty two years in the Waterbury community serving the basic needs of others. Starting in 2002 in the attic of our founder’s home, the ministry developed and expanded to a 10,000 square foot facility on Thomaston Avenue. Our mission is to share God’s love while providing for those in need. In 2014, the ministry pursued a tagline that encapsulated the heart of our services – inspiring acts of love. As the years have gone on and core services still remain, the dedicated team of volunteers and staff strive to create normalcy for each person through taking four walls and making it home. This non-judgmental tone that is at the heart of these services has left a lasting mark on thousands of families who have entered the building.

“They are provided with an atmosphere which preserves their dignity and allows them to walk around our store to select what they personally need vs. being handed clothing or housewares they do not desire. This is a respectful environment where everyone is treated with caring support,” explained Sarah Elizabeth Carabetta, Executive Director.

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