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Our mission at the Love Mom XOXO Foundation, Inc. is to perform activities which can be used to promote the development and access to resources which can be used to help surviving parents and their children who suffered the unexpected or untimely loss of a co-parent and parent. The loss of a parent is a very stressful and emotional time not just for the children but also for the SURVIVING parent left behind. As they navigate through these unchartered waters and changes, everyone is trying to find their place. Surviving parents have explained a feeling of being pulled down a dark path while trying to cope. The heartbreaking stories from other surviving parents validates how much surviving parents and their children need this support. They need a safe place to go, on their own time, to seek peer to peer advice, support each other and find helpful information. They need resources. Their children need them to be strong and stay focused, which can be extremely challenging for them during this difficult time. The hope of the Love Mom XOXO Foundation is to help those parents stay off that dark path and provide them with various resources and peer to peer support systems to help them navigate as they assume this new unexpected DUAL role. The death of a loved one can change so many things for so many people left behind. It can take even the strongest of families, and change them. This Foundation has the opportunity to not only help children and surviving parents, but also help extended family members as well.


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The Love Mom XOXO Foundation was inspired by Lori Nespoli, following the sudden and tragic loss of her  younger sister, Lynn Nespoli Lewis, in December of 2020.  Lynn was the "everything" to her husband, Allan, and their 3 children-- Derrick, Gina, and Tori.  With Lynn's passing, and every day since, her family has not only tried to cope with the immense grief and emotions of such a loss, but also the challenge of managing every day life without the stabilizing force of their mother, and wife.  In speaking to families who had also undergone the loss of a parent and spouse at a young age, it became apparent that the community was lacking resources to help with this transition, which so many families have unfortunately had to face.  The Love Mom XOXO Foundation was established to fill this void. With a name inspired by the way Lynn signed all of her notes to her children,  the mission of the Love Mom XOXO Foundation is to help families struggling with the sudden loss of a parent or spouse.  The  Foundation is firmly committed to "Helping Surviving Parents Be Great Moms AND Dads." 

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