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Working in partnership with school systems and artistic communities, Hartford Performs infuses and integrates arts and cultural experiences into teaching and learning in ways that enrich the student experience and improve outcomes across the curriculum.


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Hartford Performs is founded on the notion that when children are actively and joyfully engaged in their learning, they grasp lessons more personally, more deeply, and more lastingly.

Hartford Performs brings visiting artists into Hartford Public School classrooms to teach curriculum in creative ways and brings students out to area arts venues to experience professional dance, music, theater and museums. We also help Hartford teachers integrate creative art techniques in their lessons to keep kids engaged and help them learn and develop. More than 11,000 students in all 30 PreK-Grade 8 public schools in our city benefit from our system each year. And study after study bears out the fact that the arts help children advance academically, socially and emotionally.

With Hartford Performs, students learn how molecules and planets move by dancing like them; they practice using exponents by creating rap rhythms; and they come to understand written texts by acting out scenes that give them insight into motivation, consequences, detail and main theme. We have seen struggling math students suddenly grasp what one-eighth means by coloring in a paper grid. And we've seen English Learners proudly show what they know by acting out new vocabulary, even if they couldn't quite speak the words yet.

Meaningful learning experiences like these are what make Hartford Performs' programs so beneficial to Hartford students.

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