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Mittens for Detroit is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity with the purpose of collecting, purchasing, and distributing new mittens and gloves to children, teens, and adults in need in Detroit, Michigan, and other nearby underserved cities. Pairs are collected from the public in a huge Community Collection from October 1st through January 10th each year. Hundreds of volunteers sort, count, and box up the pairs. The pairs are then put on hands by our nearly 100 Distribution Partners, including shelters, veterans' programs, senior centers, schools, homeless programs, medical facilities, and more. Since our start in 2010, more than one-quarter million pairs have been collected and distributed.


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We take gloves for granted. You probably have a few pairs tucked away for next winter. And if you are a golfer, you likely have more than couple of pairs that you like to wear when golfing, to improve your game and keep your hands comfortable. While mittens and gloves might be something of small importance to you, warm mittens and gloves are essential for the health and comfort for those in need in and around Detroit. Your donations to the Rocket Mortgage Classic Birdies for Charity will help purchase new, warm mittens for children in need in Detroit this winter. If we hit our goal of $7,500, we will be able to purchase 1,250 pairs of mittens!

Since 2010, Mittens for Detroit has grown to become a well-respected 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity that has put more than one-quarter million pairs of new mittens and gloves on the hands of children, teens and adults in need in Detroit and nearby underserved communities such as Hamtramck, Highland Park, Dearborn, and Pontiac. The community understands that even though they are small, Mittens Matter

Warm mittens and gloves are essential to the health and comfort of people who live in cold weather cities. If you live in Metro Detroit, you know how important it is to have a good pair of warm gloves every winter, even if it is just to be able to scrape the ice off your windshield. Imagine having to spend hours outside every day, because you have nowhere else to go. Think about walking to school in the cold, arriving there with hands too cold to hold a pen or type on a keyboard. Or perhaps you didn't go to school this week, because you share the winter clothes with your siblings and it isn't your week to wear them to school. 

There are tens of thousands of people in our community who are in a position for many reasons where they do not have the luxury of this essential and protective piece of winter wear. By working directly with our Distribution Partners, we are able to work to meet the needs of their clients, students, or guests, to make sure that we are providing exactly what they need. 

About 30,000 pairs of mittens and gloves are donated to or purchased by Mittens for Detroit each year. Of those, about 22,500 donated pairs are store-bought, 1,500 are handmade (knit, crochet, sewn - from all over the country!), and another 6,000 are purchased using grants. Mittens for Detroit works because the community WANTS it to work! We hope that you join us this year, as we work to meet the need for these very deserving people. Please visit our website and social media for more information on our work. Thank you!

Mittens for Detroit and the Detroit Tigers event with veterans at the Michigan Veterans Foundation

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