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At United Way for Southeastern Michigan, we mobilize a network of hundreds of partners and thousands of donors, advocates, and volunteers to build communities of stable households and thriving children.


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United Way for Southeastern Michigan works to ensure that households can become stable by connecting families to programs and services to meet their basic needs of food, housing, healthcare, family finances, transportation, and technology. UWSEM also works to ensure children thrive, starting at birth, by giving families the tools and support needed for their children to start school ready to learn and graduate prepared for success in life. 

Donor dollars go further by combining strategic grant investments with technical and logistical support. United Way for Southeastern Michigan amplifies the voices of advocates to change policies in Michigan and Washington, D.C. 

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Southeastern Michigan, families in our community were struggling. Now, the situation is dire.

People are struggling to find jobs or not making enough to provide for their families. Parents are forced to choose between feeding their children and paying the rent. Senior citizens have to go without prescriptions. Children struggle to keep up in school. College students have to go without health care.

This is a problem in every city in our region — and the problem is growing. This affects your neighbors, coworkers, and friends. This is everyone’s problem.

Without stable households, children will never be able to thrive. And if children aren’t thriving now, they won’t be prepared to build stable households in the future — or a stable community.

Together, we can break the cycle.

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