Winterfest Hartford (The iQuilt Partnership)

Winterfest Hartford will open for its ELEVENTH YEAR on November 27, 2020. It brings free ice skating, free skate rentals, free skating lessons, free photos with Santa and more to Bushnell Park It also brings over 100,000 visitors into our Capital City each year, and that number is growing each year. And while this inclusive, city-changing holiday tradition costs nothing to residents or visitors, and creates jobs, it costs almost $300,000 to produce. Your donation will keep this tradition alive; it will teach hundreds of kids (of all ages) to skate, it will provide thousands of families with keepsake Santa photos, and so much more.


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iQuilt has created a new vision that depends less on single large projects, and more on an integrated, multi-faceted way to revitalize downtown. The iQuilt Plan provides both the imagery and the strategy for a truly walkable, livable, innovative, and culturally vibrant downtown. Working in concert with the City of Hartford, corporations and cultural organizations, iQuilt has provided world-class design talent, which has enabled the City to garner substantial funding. It has followed that design up with moving those plans from vision to reality.

iQuilt programming and festivals (Envisionfest and Winterfest) have helped immeasurably in meeting City objectives for "more feet on the street," improved safety, increased visitation and tourism and an expanded residential base.

iQuilt’s programs and services along with its dynamic catalytic force, ability to mobilize public consensus, and countless collaborators and partners has been the reason for its success.

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