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Hartford Performs brings visiting artists into Hartford Public Schools to teach curriculum in creative new ways. We take Hartford kids out to area arts organizations to ensure they experience professional dance, music, theater and museums. And we provide Hartford teachers with professional-learning programs that help them use art techniques in their classrooms to help kids learn and develop. Almost 14,000 students in all 30 Pre-K-Grade 8 public schools in our city benefit from our system each year.


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Hartford Performs evolved out of the recommendations of the 2009 Hartford Public Schools Task Force on the State of the Arts. The course of action endorsed and put into motion by the Hartford Board of Education was to develop a community partnership in which the school district and the arts community work in concert to infuse arts education throughout the city’s schools. Hartford Performs was created as the public/private partnership through which that work would happen. The organization aggregates and focuses the region’s rich cultural resources and puts them to work for Hartford Public School students. It also attracts private-sector supporters to magnify the Hartford Public School district’s investment in this work.

Hartford Performs’ model emphasizes equity and equal access to ensure that ALL Hartford students have planned, sequential, standards-based, high-quality arts experiences that support their academic learning as well as their social/emotional development.

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