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The mission of the YMCA is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.


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The Central Connecticut Coast YMCA has been providing relief, strengthening communities and continuing to build youth of strong character, in twenty-five Connecticut towns and cities, since 1994. Our mission and focus has always been to build youth of strong character, close the educational achievement gap, keep kids safe in and around water and to end chronic homelessness. In march 2020, the Covid-19 global pandemic began, and the CCCY doors may have had to close, but the Y work never did.

Since the inception of the YMCA in 1844, the non-profit organization has always been there, walking towards challenges and supporting our communities, when it has been needed most.

If there was ever a time to support the CCC YMCA and the members in all of our communities, who need us most, the time is NOW.

During Covid-19, the CCCY pivoted its focus to ensure members of all of our communities had the resources they needed to thrive, while staying true to our core values.


Distance learning support was provided to 927 children.

Emergency Child Care Center opened to serve 14 children of health care workers in New Haven.


There were 40,115 CCCY website visits as well as 1,074 programs and activities offered through our Virtual Y, where members of our communities participated in group exercise classes, educational sessions, after-school experiences, and family activities.


The Bridgeport Y was transitioned into a discharge center for 10 COVID-19 patients who were leaving the hospital, but still needed to be in isolation.

 33,406 meals were served in our Emergency Homeless Shelter, Family Emergency Shelters, Supportive/Affordable Housing Centers and through Operation Compassion.

28 food drives were held which collected 8,841 lbs. of food, more than 4 tons.

There were 278 pints (34 gallons) of blood collected during American Red Cross blood drives in YMCA branches, which in turn will save 1,112 lives.

An Emergency Homeless Shelter was opened at the South End Community Center Y in Bridgeport which served 77 community members in need, who were then moved to a local hotel to assure physical distancing.

Our Y teams made thousands of telephone calls to Y members, especially seniors, to check in and inquire about their well-being and assess any needs they may have.

The CCC Y pivoted our development and raised $237,612 for the COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Responding to our community and their needs is ingrained in the YMCA mission and core values. It is who we are, and what we do.

As we reopen and restore our programs, the CCC Y and its members have reemerging needs and need the support of our donors, community partners and funders-NOW more than ever.

  • $50 to help deliver groceries to the members of our community who will continue to face issues with food insecurity
  • $100 support ongoing virtual health, wellness and enrichment support for members unable to return to their branch
  • $250 to support youth returning to their early learning programs
  • $500 to send a child to their much-needed BEST SUMMER EVER, a CCC Y camp
  • $1000 help us to meet the needs of our homeless population
  • $2500 support future CCC Y operations 

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Every donation made to the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, charitable community service organization, stays in our communities, directly impacting the youth and families in need and is a tax-deductible donation.  

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