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The mission of the School Volunteer Association of Bridgeport, Inc. is to enrich and support the learning of Bridgeport's public school students through the involvement of volunteers from Bridgeport and surrounding communities.


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The School Volunteer Association of Bridgeport, Inc. is a 53 year-old non-profit organization that provides weekly volunteer services to Bridgeport Public Schools throughout the school year. The School Volunteer Association recruits, trains, and places volunteers, and also raises funds to support programs for city students. It is estimated that SVAB provides $1,000,000 of services and materials to Bridgeport students yearly through programs which include:

Reading Enrichment: Volunteers read aloud to pre-kindergarten through sixth grades classes, using books provided by the School Volunteer Association. Four hundred forty-four volunteers are able to reach 7,258 students system-wide through this program.

Book Buddies: Volunteers listen to young children read books to them, giving them help as needed.   There are 28 volunteers offering listening ears to 112 children. 

Reading or Math Tutors: Volunteers work one-on-one or with small groups of elementary and middle school students in both Math and Reading. A total of 288 tutors assist 1,200 students in these subjects.   

Mentors: One hundred and five adults are paired with individual children with the goal of being consistent, caring adults in the children’s lives.

Business, School, and Community Partnerships: The School Volunteer Association provides an interface for 44 businesses, service organizations, religious groups and other agencies in the greater Bridgeport area to partner with individual schools in order to provide volunteers, work on projects, or donate resources.

Annual Read Aloud Day:  Each fall, 650 volunteers read children's books to every kindergarten through sixth grade class in the Bridgeport Public Schools, reaching a total of 12,000 students. These books are then donated to the classrooms.  Many of these volunteers continue to work in the schools as ongoing volunteers.

NOTE:  School Volunteer Association donations are especially critical in this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, during which losses in both learning and social/emotional well-being of Bridgeport students are particularly acute.  Your financial support will help SVA partner with the Board of Education in re-engaging children with their schools and their classmates when they return to the buildings.

The deadline for donations is June 28, 2020.  Remember that Birdies for Charity will award the School Volunteer Association an extra 15% on top of each donation, so every donation counts for 115%!

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